Ramar Acres – Contribution

11/02/2014: Thanks to an anonymous former resident of Pickerington’s Ramar Acres subdivision for sending in her accounts of strange activity in the neighborhood. Seeing the listing on our Fairfield County Hauntings & Legends page has acted as a confirmation that what she was experiencing wasn’t due to an overactive imagination. We have heard from no less than five current or former residents of the subdivision who have experienced similar occurrences. No one is sure why the area seems to be haunted.

I have always been very interesting in researching haunted places, particularly in Ohio because I’ve lived here my entire life. I used to drive out to places like Leaning Lena or Becks Knob, but after checking out this site, I may not have needed to leave my backyard!

My parents moved into the suburb of Pickerington called Ramar Acres back in 1993 when I was about 4 years old and have lived there ever since. I lived in their house off Morningview Avenue until I was 18 and then for a brief period when I was about 21. When I was little and even up until I was a teenager, I had trouble sleeping in the house. I hated being in the basement alone and rarely went outside alone at night. I frequently had eerie feelings like I was being watched, saw shadowy or cloudy figures, felt a breeze when no doors or windows were open, and even saw things move when they shouldn’t have.

As a kid, my mom always said I had an overactive imagination and assured me what I saw or felt or heard wasn’t real. But when I read the post on here about Ramar, I literally got chills because my parents have a screened in back porch and I used to sit out there smoking cigarettes and couldn’t stay out long because, at night, I always felt like I was being watched. I saw dark figures moving quickly around the backyard and neighboring houses, and I swear on everything, my boyfriend used to make fun of me because I was always looking around saying I heard someone walking down the street or moving the fences. I tried to convince myself it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. Now that I know other people have had similar occurrences, I may have a hard time staying at mom and dad’s too late.