Nashville Cemetery – Contribution

08/21/2004: Thank you to Elaine for sending in her paranormal experience at Nashville Cemetery located in Holmes County. She tells of hearing a thunderous sound while planting flowers and her small daughter talking to an unseen girl. What her daughter says to her will send chills up your spine.

Quite a few years ago, when my children were little, I decided to go plant flowers on my grandmother’s grave at the Nashville Cemetery. I got to the cemetery around 1:00 PM that afternoon, and I really didn’t know where the grave was, so I proceeded to the little stone building where the records were kept. Of course it was locked, so I looked over the cemetery and decided to just drive forward and start looking. Well, I got out of the truck and turned left and started looking, and believe it or not, I walked right to it. So I started to plant the pink flowers. Right behind me were lots of trees and bushes. All of a sudden, I heard this real loud crack like lightning between the trees. I took that flat of flowers and ran to my truck, totally freaked out. I drove all the way home trying to figure out what happened. I called my mom when I got home and told her what happened, and her comment was, “Get back there and plant those flowers and quit being a chicken!”

So away I go again back to the cemetery, but this time I had my children with me. At this time it’s getting dark, but I was determined I was going to plant those flowers. I told my children to stick close because this was an old cemetery, and they might get hurt. I hurried and planted the flowers, and when I turned around my daughter was gone. Well I sent my boys in different directions to help find her, and I walked around the bottom of the cemetery. I saw her sitting next to a little stone with a lamb on top, and as I walked toward her, I heard her talking to someone. As I got closer, I asked her who she was talking to, and real calm she told be Mable. She was really upset, so I asked what was the matter. She told me that, “Mable was crying because her blanket and bottle was beside her, but she couldn’t reach it.” Needless to say, my hair was on end. I told my daughter it was time to leave, and she looked at me and said, “It’s okay mommy, you were her mommy in another time.” She was only three at the time and there was no way that she would have had any concept of time. I told her we really needed to go because it was getting dark. She kept talking all the way home, and was really upset that I couldn’t help Mable. Needless to say I have visited that cemetery from time to time, but I go by myself.