Holmes County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Holmes County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Kno-Ho-Co Head Start – Shadowy figures can be seen moving about the halls at night, even though there is nothing casting the shadows. The sounds of someone inside the school can be heard some nights, even when the school is closed. Sometimes a piercing chill can be felt coming through the door, enough to bring a sinking feeling to even the bravest of people. (Credits: Matthew)


Panthers Hollow – A road going through Panthers Hollow was at one time the only road to go through Holmes County. A witch who was burned at the stake supposedly lived along the road in a log cabin. The witch placed a curse on the road and the area surrounding it just before she died. Years later a circus wagon was traveling down the road during a heavy thunderstorm when it was struck by lightning. A couple of panthers got loose from the wagon, killing several people. It is said that during the night, you can sometimes see the ghostly panthers and their victims along the road. (Credits: Mary Grace Yeagley)


Courthouse – A green lantern light has been seen going from window to window on the second floor of the courthouse by passersby. While inside the building on the second floor, you can hear a chanting music sound from time to time. The aroma of decaying flesh has been noticed on the first floor during certain parts of the day. The courthouse was built in the 1880s on the site of the former courthouse and boarding school. The school had caught fire in the 1850s and it is said that everyone in the building perished. It may be the students still singing or a nun carrying the lantern, checking on the children of the boarding school who have been dead for over 150 years. (Credits: Dan Kennedy)

Holmes County Trail – An old horse carriage has passed people walking the trail at night only to vanish once it has passed. (Credits: Brittany LeBlanc)

Millersburg Hotel – This historic hotel is plagues with ghostly activity. Lights turn on and off by themselves and noises can be heard in the hallways where no one is staying. Employees of the hotel do not like to discuss their paranormal experiences.


Butler College – Only two buildings exist on what was once land acquired by a family in 1901 to establish a small men’s college in Nashville. The buildings located on Castle Street appear to be garages, but they were originally constructed as a classroom and a dorm to house the young men. Jacob Butler built the two structures but passed away before the second building was finished. His wife wanted to complete the second building. She was struck with an illness and died only three days after the building’s completion. Since their children were too young to inherit the land, the property was turned over to the Nash family who owned the house 300 feet away. The Nash family did not want the small college in the community, so they torched the Butler family homestead and converted the two buildings into storage buildings. The Butler family barn that had been converted into two classrooms is hardly standing in the back field today. Many witnesses have reported the sounds of a woman crying in one of the buildings and a child playing with a ball at the end of the street. One person even reported hearing a young woman calling his name while walking down the street. (Credits: Michelle Brembly)

Center Park – Often referred to as Widows Park, this was the site of an old stagecoach house that burned to the ground in the 1910s. It is believed a woman found her husband in bed with another woman. She left in a torrent, burning down the small building and killing the fifteen people inside. Many nights as motorists drive past the park, a white mist in the form of a woman has been seen standing on the side of the road. (Credits: Michelle Brembly)

Grange Hall – Lights have been seen turning on when no one is in the locked building. When witnesses look back at the window, the light will be off. The buildings has served many purposes during its existence, even being the site of a triple homicide. One of the murder victims has been seen looking out of a window facing Castle Street, his eyes glowing red.

Nashville Cemetery – This cemetery is said to be haunted, particularly by loud thunder-like sounds. Related: Contribution (Credits: Elaine)

Nashville Elementary – The elementary school is said to be very haunted. A staff member who was cleaning her classroom at the end of the day looked up to see an older gentleman standing in the doorway. When she asked if she could help him, he simply vanished. A former principal went to the school late one evening to collect some papers when he heard laughter coming from a front classroom. There was no one in sight when he unlocked the door. The laughter stopped and he closed the door. When the principal turned to head back to his office, the laughter resumed. When he turned around, all of the lights in the hallway began to click on one by one. On his departure, he was pushed down the stairs. Related: Contribution (Credits: Michelle Brembly)

Nashville Post Office – Reportedly one of the oldest postal buildings still standing, but no longer in use, is the Nashville Post Office located on the town square. While most just pass it off as another old building, many in town have heard odd noises coming from inside. One eyewitness claims she saw a man standing in the open door when the building had been locked and the front door sealed for nearly 15 years. Another witness was walking past the building when she heard an unearthly moan coming from the building, followed by someone whispering her name. Upon turning toward the building, a light came on. The lights haven’t been replaced since 1995. (Credits: Michelle Brembly)

Old LIvery – Lights are seen and music is heard coming from this small vacant building that sits next to Nashville Elementary. Electricity has not been connected to the building since 1970. (Credits: Michelle Brembly)

 Ripley Township 

Ripley – It is said that a small town called Ripley once existed on State Route 514 two miles south of Shreve. The town ceased to exist in 1860 when the railroad decided not to locate there. Nothing remains of the town today except for a small memorial garden paying tribute to the missing town. However, in 1998, at least one passerby approached the ghostly town, seeing a horse-drawn carriage and buildings that no longer exist. When he looked in the rearview mirror, nothing was there. He turned the car around and stopped where he had seen the ghostly town and heard music and smelled the scent of dirt being kicked off the street. On certain nights, the air remains alive even though the town is long dead.


Saltillo Cemetery – This cemetery is located on County Road 310, off County Road 68, just outside of Saltillo. There is a stone statue of an angel here and it is said that if one touches the angel’s hand, it will bring bad luck. It is also said that if you stare into the angel’s eyes, you will die shortly afterwards.