Holcomb Road – Contribution

08/26/2009: Contributor Dustin Smith shares an experience he and relatives/friends had while testing the legend of Wood County’s Holcomb Road. Dustin describes seeing red glowing eyes in the middle of the road after performing the ritual. Some in the vehicle experienced cold chills and the feeling like they shouldn’t be on the road. After leaving the Holcomb Road area, a semi truck tailed them for a few miles until they turned off Route 6 onto Bowling Green Road.

It was a little over two months ago when this happened. My brother, sister-in-law, niece, nephew, myself and a friend of ours were coming back from Fostoria. It was about 2 AM when we were on 199 and we were joking around, having a good time, when I mentioned the story of Holcomb Road. Not intending to be serious, I said that I would like to check it out sometime and that’s when my brother said, “Okay, lets do it.” I told him that the story goes that you sit in the middle of the woods, flash our headlights three times, then a pair of headlights are supposed to appear and follow you until you’re off that road and if you look behind you, the headlights will shoot off to one side and disappear.

As soon as we got to Holcomb Road, we all locked our doors, not knowing what was going to happen. So we drove down the middle of the road because there were no other cars on the road. We stopped in the middle of the woods, turned the radio off and flashed the headlights three times. Nothing happened, so we went down to the end of the road, turned around facing 199, and went back down the road. We stopped in the middle of the woods, flashed the headlights three more times and that’s when my brother, sister-in-law and myself all three got cold chills everywhere. Of course, my niece and nephew were asleep in the back seat and our friend thought we were crazy. The whole time this is going on, we decided to go across 199 to the other side of Holcomb Road. We turned around facing Holcomb Road, in the middle of the road. I was the first one to see a pair of red eyes staring directly at us in the middle of the road and I asked if they see the eyes too and they do. As soon as we got back across 199 to the other side of the road, we all three got the same feeling like we shouldn’t be on this road.

We got off Holcomb Road and took the back way to Route 6. Before we got on Route 6, we made sure there were no cars coming. You can see for miles down the road, even at night. There was nothing. We were going down Route 6 when all of a sudden this semi truck came out of nowhere and started chasing us. So my brother sped up a little bit and so did the semi. We were wondering what the hell this guy’s problem was, so we sped up a little more to distance ourselves from the semi. this went on for about 10-15 minutes, then we finally got to Bowling Green Road, got off Route 6 and finally went home.

11/1/2015: Website contributor Abigail shared her experience on Holcomb Road. Abigail says that one night while driving down Holcomb Road, a white/red light chased her car for several miles.

We were heading toward Holcomb Road and when we came to it, we stopped and we drove a little way down, until I saw a speck of white light. We then saw the light brighter, and we started to drive away until we looked behind us and saw a burning bright red light. The light went white again and we sped away, but the light was chasing us. I think it was the bus with the ghostly woman in it. We didn’t see the bus, but we saw the lights. The light was still coming after us for a few miles until we took a turn and it disappeared into the shadows.