Wood County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Wood County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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 Bowling Green 

Bowling Green Manor – The Bowling Green Manor nursing home is supposedly haunted by many spirits, including two children. Nurses aids have reported the feelings of being watched. Most nurses aids dislike going down Hallway C as strange sounds have been heard there. An old woman reported seeing two children standing in front of the television who disappeared moments later.

Euler Road – The wooded north-south stretch of this road is said to be haunted by the ghost of a baby whose mother hanged it from a tree. The road is known to locals as Crybaby Lane.

Holcomb Woods – Legend says that a bus full of children was traveling down Holcomb Road when the driver grew incredibly angry, steering the bus into the woods. The bus crashed into many small trees until it came to rest on a larger one. The driver was killed on impact. It is on this tree that the driver’s face can be seen. The bus burst into flames, killing some of the children on board. If you take Holcomb Road from 199 just past the edge of the woods, you’ll need to turn your vehicle to face 199. Shortly after you turn off your headlights, radio stations will scramble and cell phones will lose signals. A headlight will come straight toward you and suddenly disappear when it reaches the tree. Related: Contribution

Potter House – Legend states this house was the site of a murder-suicide in the 1970s. The walls inside were supposedly splattered with blood stains that could still be seen in the mid-2000s. After the man killed his wife, children and himself, no one was able to live there and the house remained abandoned. Stairs creaked as if someone were coming down when nobody was there and various objects flew around the house, smashing into the walls. This was especially true in the kitchen, where cabinets flew open by themselves. Ghostly voices could be heard late at night and a dark figure was often seen heading from the field toward the house. The OES received word from former residents of the house who stated there had never been a murder-suicide on the property. The house did site vacant for quite some time, so perhaps that led to the legend. The house has since been burned to the ground for fire department training.

Sam B’s – The third floor of this restaurant was once a theater and was the site of a murder years ago. The theater is now closed to the public, but employees have reported many strange occurrences. They also believe the kitchen is haunted. At least two employees have died in the restaurant.

Wood County Historical Museum – Between 1900 and 1937, this building served as the county’s poorhouse and lunatic asylum. It is haunted by an old lady in pajamas, as well as inmates from the asylum who claw at the barred windows and steel doors. Apparitions are commonly sighted by employees. Related: Contribution

 Bowling Green University 

Brown and Saints Theaters – Both of the theaters are haunted by a ghost named Alice who is believed to be a former Bowling Green actress. A light must be left on in the theater at all times and a formal invitation to every show must be given to her by the stage manager after the final dress rehearsal. If these steps are not followed, Alice will cause things to go wrong. Some students have actually witnessed Alice’s ghost, but ran when they saw her. The Hat Room of the Joe E. Brown Theater is also haunted by a strange presence that sends many students running from the room with no explanation.

Chi Omega – The Chi Omega Sorority house is haunted by a girl known as Amanda. She is believed to be a pledge from the 1940s-50s who was accidentally killed in a railroad track initiation. One of the rooms, labeled “Amanda’s Room” is the site of lots of poltergeist-like activity. Things regularly disappear from the room and reappear in the house utility room. A closet seems to lock by itself. The girls of the sorority always leave a spot for Amanda in their group photo. The class of 1986-87 accidentally forgot to leave a space and their picture routinely falls off the wall.

Kohl Hall – It is said a younger boy named Joey who worked in a bakery on the first floor was killed in a fire there. Now his ghost is said to play tricks and runs up and down the halls throughout the building. Personal items have been hidden, doors mysteriously lock, lights and televisions flick on and off, and strange noises have been heard in closets. Alarm clocks shut off, refrigerators sometimes open and spoil the food inside, and electronic devices have been unplugged. Some residents have reported hearing a knocking on their door only to answer to no one and have seen the sliding metal accordion gate move without reason. (Credits: Laura Elder and Autumn Hall)


North High Street House – A home in the 9000 block of North High Street is said to be haunted by an old man. He often appears as a shadow in the basement doorway, in the basement, and in the kitchen. He has been known to gently tap on the front porch door and likes watching neighborhood children play. The attic of the home is very cold, even in warm weather. (Credits: Samantha Jordan)

 Jerry City 

Abandoned House – An abandoned house in this town is haunted by a little girl who has been seen peering out of the bottom middle window. It is said a man murdered his entire family in the house. (Credits: Patrick Combs)


Fort Meigs – The site of the old fort is home to many ghosts. The current fort is a reconstruction of the War of 1812 period encampment that saw two sieges during the war. There are unmarked mass burials of American soldiers scattered around the site, including an isolated wooded mound known as “Kentucky Hill,” where militiamen from that state who perished across the rover at Dudley’s Massacre are buried. A number of unexplained occurrences are noted in the eastern end of the fort, including phantom sentries and the ghostly visage of a small girl peering out of the second story window of the reconstructed Blockhouse #3. The site predates the War of 1812 as there are prehistoric Indian mounds on the grounds. Some other paranormal activities witnessed at the fort include eerie blue light, lights turning on and off, cold spots, and other apparitions. A reenactor at the site said that he has seen armies of the dead march through before dawn, has been followed by a lone soldier from Kentucky Hill to the encampment, has seen a mysterious woman at the new shelter house (whose face can be seen in the mirror at the museum), and has seen an Indian girl menacing around the outskirts near the shelter house.


Helen Drive – A lady wearing all white appears in the right back corner of the rear bedroom of this house. If a child is present in the home, she will watch over them. It is also believed that when an addition was being made to the house, a worker fell off of the roof and was killed. His ghost appears in the doorway during thunderstorms.

Oak Street House – A plethora of paranormal activity plagues a home along Oak Street in Rossford. Residents and their guests have reported the feeling of being watched. Objects move on their own and things disappear, only to reappear in an obvious spot some time later. The kitchen sink turns on by itself and the microwave makes random sounds. Some witnesses have reported seeing the ghost of an old lady wearing green clothing and a young boy reported seeing an old man sitting on his toy box. Whispery conversations in another language have also been heard in the home.


Tontogany Cemetery – Mysterious blinking lights and a blue light in the grave-keeper’s shed are often seen here. Witnesses have claimed to see the shed door consistently open and close by itself, even though no wind is present.