Hale Farm & Village – Contribution

07/24/2004: Thanks to the anonymous contributor for submitting their story about the Hale Farm and Village located in Summit County. The contributor talks about their experiences as an employee of the replica Ohio-Erie Canal village and farm. The place seems to be hopping with paranormal activity according to this account.

A few years back I worked at Hale Farm. From talking to my co-workers, I do believe that the Goldsmith house was haunted and that it was haunted by an older female. However, she was never aggressive towards anyone. She just let her presence be known. For instance, one of my co-workers told me about the day that she unlocked the house and went up to the master bedroom to open a window. When she entered she saw a form imprinted on the mattress of the bed like someone was laying there. Then it would disappear as if someone was getting up. That was really the only story I heard about Goldsmith. However, walking into that basement felt like walking into a tomb. The ceilings were very low and it was ALWAYS cold, no matter the season.

Another odd thing about the Goldsmith house was during the fall, every fall, the master bedroom’s western wall would become covered with flies. It was so bad that we would have to close off that portion of the house. It was pretty freaky. No one could explain why.

The most frightening house at Hale by far is the Jagger house. This house itself hates. You walk in and it feels like the house would just drop down on you if it could. I hated to work in that house, even during the day. And whoever worked in there would become hateful the entire day. You just could not help it. If you stayed in the house for just a few minutes, you just hated everything and everyone. People that worked that house together would be arguing constantly.