Summit County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Summit County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Akron Civic Theater – The life-long custodian of the theater, Fred, haunts the building. He died on the premises but still tends to his duties, usually keeping vandals at bay. Several people have even reported being attacked by Fred after they attempted to vandalize the place. A ghostly crying woman is sometimes seen along the canal that runs beneath the theater.

Archbishop Hoban High School – In the new art rooms, tutoring center and admissions office, reports of ghostly men in dark priest robes walking the halls are frequent. These new rooms are in a remodeled section that used to be the old Brothers dormitory. The mysterious figures are never seen anywhere other than this section. The men’s locker room is believed to be haunted by a boy who may have played basketball for the school. He was killed in a car accident in the late 1980s.

Carroll Street House – A sorority member from the University of Akron is said to have hanged herself in the boiler room of this house. Plates have been thrown around and closet doors in the attic fly open and shut by themselves. While on the first floor, one could sometimes hear people walking around and moving furniture upstairs when no one else is in the house. This house is now owned by the City of Akron Police Department and is used for SWAT training.

Johnson House – A man named Johnson is said to haunt this home, now used as a business. Johnson built the house nearly 100 years ago and is protecting it in death. He is believed to have died from a heart attack in the 1950s. (Credits: Ben Shreve)

Litchfield Middle School – The school’s namesake, Mr. Litchfield, is said to haunt the school. Doors and lockers open and close by themselves, and footsteps and laughter are heard after hours. An old custodian is also said to haunt the school.

Lockheed Martin – The buildings were formerly Loral and were built in the 1920s as the Goodyear plant that housed blimps and zeppelins. Many of the buildings in the complex are haunted by various spirits. Night shift security guards have reported many unexplainable sights, sounds and other phenomenon.

Rogues Hollow – This little bridge near a vacant house is one of Ohio’s many “crybaby bridges.” The story behind this one is that in the early 1900s, a with was impregnated by a married man. When the townspeople tried to take the baby from her, she threw it off the bridge. It is claimed that you can sometimes hear the baby crying in the middle of the night.

Rolling Acres Mall – This now-defunct mall is haunted by ghosts of unknown origin, mostly sticking to the security office and the mall’s fountain. There have reportedly been several deaths that occurred in the mall during its heyday. (Credits: Grant Hawkins)

Rose Hill Burial Park – The back of this cemetery faces several acres of forest. Many people have claimed to see a “Lady in White” in the area. A mist will sometimes cover the ground at night, limiting visibility.

Stan Hywet Hall – The master bedroom of this mansion is haunted by a lady wearing gray. The ghost, believed to be an Englishwoman who died in the 1700s, may have been inherited with the bedroom. It was originally part of an English manor that was disassembled and fit into the architecture plans already in progress.

Summit County Juvenile Detention Home – The ghost of a matron who worked there haunts the detention home. It is believed that the matron was killed there, possibly by one of the inmates.

Summit Lake – Just outside of Akron, the banks of this lake are haunted by the spirits of children who drowned there. The ghost of a clown that was burned alive in a tent fire is also said to haunt the area.

Top of the World – A shadowy black figure is often seen on the property, now part of the Hampton Hills Metro Park. It is said that a farmer and his family who once owned the property were murdered there by a satanic cult. Another version of the legend states that the farmer murdered his wife and two children before hanging himself in the barn. Neither of these stories have ever been confirmed. It is also believed that the hill is part of a Native American burial mound. The old farmhouse was torn down years ago, but the barn still stands.

University of Akron – A site of multiple hauntings. See University of Akron below for details.


Babcock & Wilcox Nuclear Division – Various paranormal experiences have been reported by guards on duty at the plant. Lights flicker, radios malfunction and cold spots are often felt. A hazy figure in human form has been seen by several witnesses, including police officers. Related: Contribution


Hale Farm & Village – This farm and village is a working replica town from the Ohio-Erie Canal era. The Goldsmith House is supposedly haunted by a positive old woman who once lived there. The Jagger House is often known for bringing a hateful attitude out of those who enter it. Related: Contribution

 Cuyahoga Falls 

Edwin Shaw Rehabilitation Hospital – Formerly the Fallsview Psychiatric Hospital, many patients have died in the building over the years, but some have never left. Visitors and staff hear strange noises and objects move in rooms when no one else is around. Not to be confused with the original Edwin Shaw Hospital in Lakemore, which is listed below.


Everett Covered Bridge – The covered bridge along Everett Road was supposedly built only after a carriage was swept away in the flooded river crossing. People have reported feeling uneasy in the area surrounding the bridge. Ghostly vapors and partial apparitions have reportedly appeared in photos taken at the bridge.


Edwin Shaw Hospital – Formerly the Springfield Lake Sanitarium, this haunted building was located on Sanitarium Road near Akron. It served as Summit County’s tuberculosis hospital for fifty years and expanded in the 1960s to include the orphanage Sunshine Village. The building was most recently used for outpatient rehabilitation programs, but those programs have moved to a different facility nearby (see Cuyahoga Falls). Employees reported occasional sightings and mysterious noises. Doors opened and closed by themselves and ghostly footsteps could be heard. The sounds of lunch taking place in an empty mess hall were common as well. All buildings on the grounds were demolished in 2017. Related: OES Visit

 Monroe Falls 

River Road Bridge – The one lane bridge on River Road is supposedly haunted by a man that likes to jump out in front of cars on certain nights. When you stop to talk to him, he simply vanishes. (Credits:


City Hall – The Council Chambers have been haunted for years. Officers completing paperwork late at night sometimes hear loud footsteps and a banging noise above their head when the rest of the building is deserted. One officer heard a distinct “Psssst!” coming from the hallway. Nobody was there upon investigation. Glimpses of apparitions have also been seen.


Loyal Oak Tavern – This tavern once housed an inn. During those days, the bar was located in the basement where the wine cellar is today. A bartender hanged himself in the old bar and is known to haunt the tavern. His apparitions has been seen by employees and patrons late at night. Cold spots can be felt at any time and he has been known to move objects, throw plants, and even put his hands on people.


Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad – The apparition of a young man has been seen and felt near the cut north of Peninsula. Occasionally, people have heard the ringing sound of a hammer pounding on the tracks. It is unknown whether the man was a vagrant or rail worker in life.

Jaite Mill – The mill is said to be haunted by workers who died in a fire there. Mysterious noises are heard and doors are slammed behind those who enter. An eerie blue light has also been seen along the towpath.

Old Boston Township – This tiny town, also known as “Hell Town” or “Mutane Town,” has many legends and hauntings. It is said if you look in the windows of the slaughterhouse ghostly faces stare back at you. The cemetery is haunted by a ghost who sits on a bench, staring into space. A supposed satanic church there is the site of many animal mutilations and satanic symbols all over the place. Black masses are held there and upside-down crosses cover the entire building. A school bus that was recently removed from the area was supposedly the site of a mass-murder with all children aboard. The killer was said to be seen sitting the the back of the bus, smoking a cigarette. A steep, winding road with a sudden stop is known as “The End of the World.” There are many rumors about happenings that supposedly occurred there. Some people have reported that they were chased off by a phantom hearse when they entered the town. There are many abandoned homes in the area, all of which have their own story.

Witch’s Grave – There is a tombstone next to the junior high school where a witch is believed to be buried. The tombstone has been struck by lightning so many times that it has partially melted.


Farnam Manor – Farnam Manor was built in 1834 by Everett Farnam, the largest landowner in Summit County during the 1800s. It is said to be a very spiritual place where spirits gather and linger. Farnam said before he died that he would come back as a raven. To this day, ravens keep a watchful eye on the estate. Farnam’s little daughter, Emily, drowned in the cistern when she was only seven-years-old in 1858. Her spirit has been seen playing in the yard and house. A little girl’s voice can also be heard at times. Apparitions, mists, voices, scents and touching are some of the ways the spirits at the manor have interacted with witnesses.


Seasons – Formerly called Twin Pines Retreat Care Center, a former head of maintenance reported that he had just finished painting a resident room and stepped back to observe his work. He noticed a slender man dressed in a suit standing next to him, just at the edge of his sight. The man’s hands were behind his back and he was kind of rocking. The maintenance man imagined him saying, “Not bad, not bad at all,” and turned to look at him, but the man had vanished. The maintenance man believes that he knew the man from many years ago and spotted him again walking the hallways.


Taco Bell – Several employees have reported seeing figures standing in the hallways and in the back area. Upon investigation, they would never find anyone. Residents of the area claim the restaurant was built atop an old cemetery and the remains of bides and other items were moved to a new location.

 University of Akron 

Hower House – A well-known female ghost believed to be one of the Howers haunts the place. She is apparently very angry due to her husband’s infidelity. She likes to scare male workers and guests, sometimes even burning them.

TKE Frat House – The ghost who haunts this house is that of a young servant girl who died in the home when it was still in use as a private residence. Her body is believed to be buried in the backyard in a difficult to find grave. She has been seen in both the house itself and on the grounds outside.