Clyde Railroad Tracks – Contribution

12/10/2008: Thanks goes to Jerry for sharing the paranormal experience that he and his fiance had while investigating the Clyde Railroad Tracks in Sandusky County. Jerry says his fiance witnessed two shadow people while they were parked on the tracks and he heard a call for help after a car on the other side of the tracks mysteriously vanished.

This story pertains to the already listed story of the railroad tracks past the golf course in Clyde, OH. My fiance and I read about the story and only living approximately 15 minutes away, decided to check it out. So we headed southbound on S. Main St. (101) through town on December 10, 2008, at 3:23 AM. It was rainy and cold but we wanted to check it out anyway. So we approached the tracks careful to look down the road, forwards and back, being as it is a highway we made sure there was no traffic. I parked on the tracks with our van, turned off the lights and cut the engine. Reading the story about this location, my fiance and I were a bit skeptical of the story, however, the events that followed changed that. As we sat there, no car wreckage or severed heads appeared to us, but we did have an experience.

My fiance and I are what is called a “sensitive.” We are not psychic or talk to dead people, but we get impressions, feelings, and sometimes thoughts of those who have passed. We both began to have a heightened sensation of something was nearby. We had what is similar to an adrenaline rush combined with stomach butterflies. My fiance suggested we go and I agreed. I turned on the van and proceeded off the tracks. She informed me that she had seen two shadowy figures glide along the track on the passenger’s side of the van. We pulled into a closed market down the road to turn around and head back. When I came to the tracks, a train was already crossing the road. This was kind of eerie. But was just as scary, we saw a car approach the tracks from the opposite side while the train was crossing. Keep in mind this is out in the country and there are no side streets nor drives near the tracks. When the train passed the car had vanished! Just as scary as that, when we crossed the tracks, I heard someone say, “Help,” in a very audible tone. I asked my fiance if she heard that, and tried to change the subject, and when I told her what I heard, she agreed that she had heard it too.

Both very shaken by the experience, we pulled into the Speedway gas station in Clyde and got some gas. When she went inside to prepay, one last startling anomaly had occurred. We don’t open the back window in the van, especially when it’s winter time. I went to fill up the tank when I noticed that the passenger side window was wide open. Paranormal or not, it was still strange. The experience itself was a little frightening, particularly the audible call for help we heard.

A must-see location for any paranormal thrill seeker. A warning though, this is on a well-used highway, please be cautious and aware of your surroundings. Not to mention it is on train tracks that are in use. We missed the train by only a couple of minutes. Had we had car problems, we might have met the same fate. So be cautious! Happy hunting.