Brown Road House – Contribution

12/19/2012: Thanks to an anonymous contributor for sharing their experience at the Brown Road House in Auglaize County. During multiple visits to the property one night, several people witnessed the image of a little boy at the farmhouse. At one point his group even heard the sound if kids playing with a dog, but no one else was around.

Two summers ago my friends and I had a few German exchange students for the summer, so naturally none of them knew the story of the Brown House, or had been filled in on it. Well it was sometime around midnight when we (my friend, the German, and myself) had arrived at the Brown House, and the first thing this exchange student asked was, “Do people still live in this house?” We thought that was slightly odd to which we answered, “No,” as he pointed to the upper window of the house above the back door. We saw a small child standing in the window staring at us, and when we went to go find the child, he was gone. Later, maybe about a half hour, we were sitting in my car watching the sky (still on the back part of the Brown House property) because there were shooting stars out that night. It was really quiet because we were gazing at the stars, but all of the sudden it sounded like on the other side of the barn there were two smaller children, possibly a little boy and little girl, playing with a dog. The dog was barking, so we thought other people were coming. We hurried and drove to the front of the drive, but as soon as we were to the road, the voices stopped and there was no one in sight.

Later on, maybe 2-3 hours around 2 AM or 3 AM that same night, I went back with a different group of friends, not telling them what we had encountered earlier. We went to the back side of the house under the big tree and one of the girls we were with had wandered off to the side of the house. As she got near a large bush, she claimed to be looking in one direction and something caught her eye. She quickly looked at the bush and started screaming and crying. Later, after we had got her settled down, she said she had seen a little boy, describing him the same way the German student had described him earlier. After hearing that, I told my current group the story from earlier, which gave everyone chills and induced a panic as they begged to leave.