Auglaize County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Auglaize County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Dixie Lee Diner – This restaurant is haunted by a ghost that the staff has named Hector. He is very loud and has been known to make a few appearances.

 Fort Amanda 

Ghostly Log Cabin – Built in October of 1812, the fort served as a major supply base and is all but gone. The only thing that remains is a cemetery and a monument in the middle of a field. Many people have reported seeing a ghostly log cabin at the site of the old fort. When they attempted to approach it, the cabin simply disappears.

 New Bremen 

German Protestant Cemetery – Former residents of the cemetery’s groundskeeper house have reported lights turning off, doors swinging open and the doorbell ringing on its own. There is also an occasional smell of cigar smoke and the sound of footsteps on the stairway. (Credits: Kristy)

 New Knoxville 

Star Restaurant – Also known as the Adolph Henschen Restaurant, the place is said to be haunted by the former owners.

 St. Mary’s 

Bloody Bridge – In the 1850s when the Miami-Erie Canal was still active, two men, Bill Jones and Jack Billings, were competing for the love of Minnie Warren. Minnie fell in love with Jack, thus driving a hatred of the couple in Bill. On a fall night in 1854, Jack and Minnie were heading home after a party when they encountered Bill on the bridge over the old Miami-Erie Canal. With one swing of an ax, Bill decapitated Jack. Minnie screamed and fell from the bridge into the canal below, drowning. Bill disappeared and it wasn’t until some years later that an ax and skeleton was found at the bottom of a nearby well. No one knows if Bill committed suicide or if he head been the victim of vigilante justice. The blood stains remained on the bridge until it was replaced in 1904. The new bridge was painted red to remind everyone of the tragedy that had taken place there. It is said if you cross the bridge at night and look down into the canal, you may see Minnie’s face looking back at you from beneath the water. Screaming and splashing sounds can also be heard at times.

Convent of Mary – The church acquired this land just west of St. Mary’s cheaply in 1852 because it was presumed to be haunted. When an administrator of the shrine, Doctor Maria Friedaburga, died in 1969, the lights in the chapel went out, flashed back on, and a remarkable fireball appeared above the shrine. This was later blamed on a blown transformer, but many believed Dr. Friedaburga’s ghost contributed to the events.


Brown Road House – This old abandoned house just outside of Wapakoneta is notorious as being haunted. It is said there were two farmers living there who got into a huge argument. One of the farmers kicked the other off of his farm. Out of anger and revenge, the man who was kicked out came back and stabbed the old man several times until he died. A barn outside shows a 1945 Ford with bullet holes throughout the car. Other visitors have said there is only one bullet hole located in the passenger side rear window. Witnesses have also claimed to have seen the ghost of a little boy standing in the window of the house. Related: Contribution (Credits: Adam Moorman)

Dug Hill Bridge – This bridge that passes over the Auglaize River is said to be haunted by a hunter who was accidentally shot and killed there. His ghost is said to chase people across the bridge very late at night.

House on Hoopengarner – Residents of this home have reported hearing someone running upstairs and people talking when no one else was there. On occasion, a door would slam upstairs. One resident reported that when she investigated the sounds, she found all of the doorknobs removed from the doors and laying on the hallway floor. Children have reported seeing people upstairs, but the sightings have never been experienced by an adult.

Kohler Road – In 1966, a family living in a five room farmhouse went into extreme poverty. The entire family became ill and died off one by one until only the father remained. He was so depressed over the situation that he eventually committed suicide. His ghost now haunts the home. Mysterious lights have often been seen on the top floor of the home, despite the fact the home has been abandoned for over thirty years.

Lucky Steer Restaurant – Witnesses have reported that objects have thrown themselves from the table to the floor in the dining area.