Malabar Farm Investigation #2

Investigation #05CMR70074-2

The Ohio Exploration Society assisted our partners at Central Ohio Paranormal Society (COPS) with their second investigation at Malabar Farm State Park in Richland County on July 8, 2006.

General Information

The Ohio Exploration Society was invited by COPS to join them in a second paranormal investigation at Malabar Farm. We had previously investigated the state park on September 10, 2005. Click Here to see results and the location’s reported paranormal activity from our first investigation. Click Here to read about Malabar Farm’s history and see photos we took of the location.

Investigators Attending

  • Jason Robinson – Ohio Exploration Society Founder
  • Jason Colwell – OES Director of Paranormal Investigations
  • Mike Robare – Central Ohio Paranormal Society Founder
  • Gena Robare – COPS Co-Founder
  • Larry Copeland – OES/COPS Intuitive Medium
  • Sam Clark – COPS Investigator
  • Laura Wacyk – COPS Investigator
  • Jeff Secrest – COPS Investigator
  • Susan Payne – COPS Investigator
  • Ryan Cass – COPS Investigator
  • Mark Jordan – COPS Member

Equipment Used

  • 2 Sony MiniDV Camcorders
  • 2 Hi8mm Camcorders
  • 2 Sony NightVision Extenders
  • 7 Digital Cameras
  • 5 Digital Audio Recorders
  • 3 Microcassette Recorders
  • 7 External Microphones
  • 1 TriField Natural EM Meter
  • 2 Thermocouple Thermometers
  • 2 Laptop Computers
  • 8 FRS Radios
  • 4 Blacklight Lamps
  • 1 Headphone

Paranormal / Unusual Activity

Both the Bromfield House and the Ceely Rose House were investigated during this trip. While investigating the Bromfield House basement with Robinson, Clark felt something physically push his arm. A few minutes later, Robinson and Clark asked for a light in the basement to turn off. The light dimmed momentarily, but did not turn off completely. Clark later experienced a stabbing feeling in his neck and had an odd taste in his mouth while still in the basement.

Several investigators heard a scream come over the FRS radio while investigating inside the Ceely Rose House. Even though all investigators were using the same channel and PL code, only those who were in the Ceely Rose House heard the scream. The investigators in the Bromfield House did not hear anything out of the ordinary.

Evidence – EVP Recordings

Hey: This EVP is a slight whisper in the background saying, “Hey.” It was heard live via real-time EVP recording.
No: This voice was recorded while the investigator was walking down a hallway. It is a soft whisper saying, “No,” just after a loud footstep.
Unknown Voice: There is an odd voice at the beginning of this recording, perhaps saying, “No,” but we are not certain.
You’re Welcome Here: A male voice whispers, “You’re welcome, here.”
No: Recorded outside the Ceely Rose House, this female voice whispers, “No,” just after someone yells, “Bring it on!”
Come In: Recorded at the Ceely Rose House, a female voice whispers, “Come in,” as we stood in the kitchen.
Thank You: Recorded at the Ceely Rose House, this female voice whispers, “Thank you,” when we entered the home.
Yeah: Recorded at the Ceely Rose House, this very faint whisper agrees that the place smells moldy.


Site Information

Malabar Farm State Park
4050 Bromfield Road
Lucas, Ohio 44843
(419) 892-2784

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