Licking County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Licking County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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 Etna Township 

St. Jacob Cemetery – Legend says that back in the 1800s, travelers passing by St. Jacob Cemetery at night would often hear the singing and laughter of children coming from within the cemetery. Some witnesses even claimed to see shadowy figures. The haunting became known as “Kinder Der Nacht,” or “Children of the night.” Related: OES Visit

 Denison University 

Chamberlain Lodge – The southwest dorm room on the second floor (technically the 5th floor) of this building is haunted. Residents of the room have reported being physically touched by unseen hands, as well as sudden drops in temperature. There is a large tombstone in the campus cemetery with the name Chamberlain inscribed on it. Maybe there’s a connection between the haunting and the tombstone.

Slayter Hall – Many reports of ghostly activity 100 feet from the flagpole in front of Slayter Hall occurred during the 1960s-70s. It is unknown what caused the spike in ghostly activity to occur, but it seems to have diminished in recent years.

William Howard Doane Library – The 7th tier of the library is said to be haunted by a shadowy woman in an old dress. Students who have fallen asleep have reported being woken up by her. The woman evidently has a serious problem with male students and will wake them by hitting them on the back of the head with some kind of rod or cane.


Bryn Du Drive – The homes on the hilltop overlooking hole seventeen of the Granville Golf Course near Alligator Mound all have a strange feeling. Residents have reported multiple encounters with the paranormal, including seeing a man in black walking around, being touched by something unseen, and strange orbs. (Credits: Madison Kissack)

Buxton Inn – The oldest continually operating inn in Ohio is haunted by the innkeeper from the 1800s, Major Buxton, along with his big black cat. The downstairs Tavern Room of the inn is haunted by former stage coach drivers who once stayed there. The Lady In Blue, Ethel (Bonnie) Bounell, was also a former innkeeper. She died in Room 9 of the main building and is occasionally seen in that room wearing her favorite color, blue.

Denison University – A site of multiple hauntings. See Denison University above for details.

Sugarloaf Hill – The top of this hill is haunted by a baby buried beneath a large rock there. Cries are often heard at night. Other ghosts are said to roam the hill as well.

Welsh Hills Cemetery – Many spirits are said to lurk within the cemetery, but specifics are unknown.


Licking Valley Junior High School – It is said that the school was built atop a former graveyard. People have been seen walking at the end of the hallway, but when investigated no one is there.


Union Lake – The lake was renamed by the locals in the 1960s to Hell Lake because of the numerous sightings of the apparition of a young boy who appears just before sunset, floating from one end of the lake to the other.


Swamp Road – Swamp Road, located east of Kirkersville, is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman wearing a white dress or nightgown. There have been many witnesses who have seen her either crossing the road or walking along its edge. There have even been some incidents where motorists have wrecked their vehicles in an attempt to avoid hitting her. Known as Swamp Road Sally, no one knows why she haunts the road or who she is.


Cedar Hill Cemetery – When you put your ear up to the door of a certain mausoleum, you can hear screams and knocking coming from the inside. There is also a tombstone with a baby on it. When you look at the tombstone, turn around, then turn back and look again, the tombstone will be facing a new direction.

Newark Earthworks – These ancient Adena Earthworks are said to be haunted. Orbs are known to appear in photographs of the place. Related: OES Visit

Newark High School (B Building) – A custodian who accidentally hanged himself is said to haunt the school. Reports say you can hear footsteps and him whistling his favorite song on the anniversary of the night he died.


Goonie House – This house, which is often occupied and sometimes abandoned, is said to be the home of retired circus folks. If one approaches the home, midgets with shotguns will chase you away. The house is also said to be haunted.

Old Maids Lane Farmhouse – An old farmhouse along Old Maids Lane is supposedly haunted by one of the old maids the road was named after. Occupants of the home have heard strange sounds coming from the attic at night and have encountered unusual cold spots throughout the house. At least one witness has observed a misty form a few times. Many married couples have been divorced after living in the home.


Brown House – The ghost of this home apparently enjoys unscrewing lightbulbs for no reason. Indian drums can occasionally be heard as well.

Nye’s Place – Reports of extreme cold spots, even in the summer, are common from this abandoned home in Reynoldsburg. Ghostly figures have been seen and there is a general uneasy feeling while in the house.