Delaware County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Delaware County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Blue Limestone Park – This park is reportedly haunted by many ghosts. The back two quarries are particularly haunted, as is the tunnel that leads to them. During the 1920s, it is said there was a major train accident at the site, which may account for some of the ghosts who haunt the place. The area is also known for occult activity and violent deaths. Witnesses have reported unintelligible voices in the middle of the tunnel and loud bangs. (Credits: Emily Blasko)

Highbanks Metro Park – A bigfoot-like creature is said to lurk in the woods of Highbanks Metro Park. It is said to be white in color and has been seen by several people. Mysterious energy fields are scattered throughout the park, especially around the ancient Adena Indian mounds.

Hiram Lodge No. 18, F&AM – The building has paranormal activity in the attic space above the grand hall. Footsteps can clearly be heard in the attic during meetings. The spirit is believed to be that of a past freemason. (Credits: Ellis Byrd)

Ohio Wesleyan University – A site of multiple hauntings. Please see Ohio Wesleyan University below.

Panhandle Road – A ghostly figure has been seen in a home along this road.

Perkins Observatory – The observatory is haunted by its namesake, Hiram Perkins. Related: OES Visit

Pirate’s Mansion – As legend has it, a pirate by the name of John Robinson once lived near the Scioto River, just south of Delaware. His castle-like home burned down many years ago, but the ghost remains. Apparently Robinson enslaved a woman as his lover. She was sometimes seen walking the banks of the Scioto River. She mysteriously disappeared one night, never to be seen again. Her ghost now walks the banks of the river. Some have reported hearing bloodcurdling screams coming from the area. When investigated upon, nothing has been found. Many believe that Robinson murdered the woman.

Pollock Road – Ghostly headlights have been reported on Pollock Road. Witnesses describe seeing oncoming headlights, causing them to swerve as they come around a curve. As they get closer, the headlights simply vanish despite no cars having passed by. (Credits: Dawn)

Stagecoach Stop – An old brick building at the corner of US 36 and South Section Line Road was used as a stagecoach stop many years ago. The building is reportedly haunted by those who once stayed there.

Strand Theater – Built in 1916, the theater is haunted by several spirits, one of which is said to be a mean ghost. Several people have seen this ghost in the auditorium, lobby, concession area and backstage. Another ghost known as Rodney enjoys messing with projection equipment and moves things around in the projection booth. The scent of a former owner can sometimes be smelled as well.

Walmart – Third shift employees have reported hearing the faint sound of a radio in the lawn and garden section and footsteps on the roof of the greenhouse. (Credits: Brian)


Delaware County Home – Also known as Shady Lane Manor, this old building has a lot of history, parts of which date to the Civil War times. The building was used as a hospital during the Civil War and an old folks home prior to being closed. Many people have died there over the years. Behind the home is a building that was converted from holding mentally ill patients in the 1800s to a garage. The high-bricked windows are the evidence. In the field northeast of the building are several burial plots, a potter’s field, for people who died in the home.

Hogback Road – Just a short way from the parking area on the side of the road is a hill where satanic rituals are said to take place. One man who was playing his guitar there was escorted back to his vehicle by 20-30 people who were wearing black robes. They told him to never return on a Sunday and to never return to the hill. Also, a resident who lived near an old Indian burying ground reported seeing a semi-transparent apparition with an Indian-like headdress dash across his living room from out of one wall and into another. There was a cold chill in the room thereafter. (Credits: Dan Kilner)

North Old State Road House – A house in the 3900 block of North Old State Road is rumored to be haunted. The town’s people reportedly love to tell the history of the house and the past incidents that contribute to the house being haunted. Even so, we have not received specifics. Several people went in the house with an Ouija board and death, suicide, and misery were all spelled out on the board. When asked for a name, the reply was “Ebenezer.” (Credits: Robert W.)

 Ohio Wesleyan University 

Elliott Hall – Elliott Hall is reportedly haunted. We have not received the details.

Gray’s Chapel – The spirit of a man is said to haunt the building. The sound of classroom doors, as if class was letting out, can also be heard.

Sturges Hall – Spirits reportedly roam the halls of Sturges Hall. The details are not known.

Stuyvesant Hall – Several stories of this dorm building being haunted have emerged over the years. One room in particular was so haunted that students would request to be transferred after staying a week in the room. Allegedly, one student was so psychologically taunted that she killed herself. The president of the university reportedly tried to stay the night in the room, only to emerge and order the room to be sealed off immediately. He never gave his reason. The ghost of a little girl can be seen in the window of a door and a mirror in the stairwell that the door leads to. She is usually seen running or skipping down the hallway by those who glance at the mirror while walking by. One young man, who was arguing with his girlfriend, saw the little girl appear at chest height as she pointed to him. He changed his ways after that night. A student going to their suite’s bathroom saw a white mist leaking from around the door, which began to shake violently. Another student studying in a small area on the third floor saw a dog coming at him. The dog leaped toward him only to disappear in mid-jump. One of the pianos on the first floor lounge has been heard playing by many students. Whenever they approach the lobby to tell the person to stop playing, no one is there. A radio was heard on one night during a break. The student RA went to the empty room three times to turn off and unplug the radio. He asked another RA the next day if anyone had come back from break early, but no one had. Years ago when the building was an all female dorm, a student who lived there left to meet her boyfriend one night, leaving the window open so she could get back in. Her roommate returned before her and shut the window, not knowing the woman had purposefully left it open. When the girl returned, she could not get back inside and allegedly froze to death in the courtyard. Her ghost haunts the room where she had lived.


Crybaby Bridge – Just outside Ostrander on Stover Road is a bridge where a man is said to have killed his baby. Legend has it that if you drive across the bridge between 11:30 PM and midnight, you can hear the baby crying and it feels as if your car is going to be swept off the bridge. Some say that when the water is low enough, you can see a baby carriage in the water below.

Ostrander Road Schoolhouse – This old schoolhouse is said to be haunted by a little girl who was pushed down the stairs. She can be heard playing the piano, bouncing basketballs in the gym and typing on an old typewriter in the gym office. Some have even reported seeing a lady in a white dress dancing on the front lawn late at night.


Powell Municipal Park & Amphitheater – Witnesses have described the feeling of being touched by an unseen hand near the amphitheater at night. The image of a teenage boy has appeared in some photos when no one else was around.


Hill Cemetery – This cemetery that overlooks the Scioto River is said to be haunted by the spirits of children buried there. Weird sounds and darting shadows have been witnessed in the wooded area surrounding the cemetery. Cold spots can be felt at various locations throughout the grounds. Related: OES Visit