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Photographs: Nighttime


EVP Recordings

Anne: This recording from Bromfield’s study clearly says, “Anne.” Anne was the name of Bromfield’s oldest daughter.
Beds: A faint whisper was recorded in the Bogart Room saying, “Beds.” There were two beds in the room.
Come See How They Fall: Recorded in Anne’s bedroom, this voice either says, “Come see how they fall,” or “Let’s see how they run.”
Scoot: Recorded in Anne’s room, we were not sure of this was an EVP or a chair scooting. You be the judge.
Meow: Recorded near Anne’s bedroom, this sounds like a long drawn-out meow of a cat.
Unknown Voices: This was recorded in a closed off room with no investigators present. We are not sure what the voice says.
Woof: Not only did we capture the meow of a cat, we also recorded the sound of a dog barking. Perhaps it was one of Bromfield’s prized boxers.
Honk: This recording sounds very much like an old tin toy horn. It was captured in the upstairs playroom.
I Don’t Know (x2): Recorded in George Hawkins’ bedroom, this voice says, “I don’t know,” twice.
I’m Dead: This whispery voice stating, “I’m dead,” was recorded in the playroom.
Laughing or Voice: We are not sure if this is an EVP. While some hear laughing, others hear “Help,” or “Stop.”
Be Good: This voice was so faint that the audio had to be boosted. It sounds like a woman saying, “Be good.”
Hey: A long drawn-out, “Hey,” was recorded in the background as everyone was talking to one another.
No!: This voice saying, “No,” was recorded just after a knock on the basement door was heard.
You’re Welcome: Mrs. Bromfield was thanked for providing any results during an investigation in her bedroom and this voice replied, “You’re welcome.”
Hey: This EVP is a slight whisper in the background saying, “Hey.” It was heard live during a real-time EVP recording session.
No: This voice was recorded while the investigator was walking down a hallway. It is a soft whisper saying, “No,” just after a loud footstep.
Unknown Voice: There is an odd voice at the beginning of this recording, perhaps saying, “No,” but we are not certain.
You’re Welcome Here: A male voice whispers, “You’re welcome here.”
No: Recorded outside the Ceely Rose House, this female voice whispers, “No,” just after someone yells, “Bring it on!”
Come In: Recorded at the Ceely Rose House, a female voice whispers, “Come in,” as we stood in the kitchen.
Thank You: Recorded at the Ceely Rose House, this female voice whispers, “Thank you,” when we entered the home.
Yeah: Recorded at the Ceely Rose House, this very faint whisper agrees that he place smells moldy.

Thanks to the Central Ohio Paranormal Society for sharing some of these EVP recordings with us.


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