Quadranaou Mound

The OES visited Quadranaou Mound / Camp Tupper in Marietta on June 16, 2001. The mound sat on the grounds of the Sacra Via, also featured in the Indian Mounds section of this website. The three acre area where Quadranaou Mound is located is believed to have been built by the Hopewell culture around 900 AD. While the mound’s original use was for ceremonies performed by the Hopewell people, it and the Sacra Via were used during the Civil War as Camp Tupper. To read more about this, visit our Sacra Via page. We conducted electromagnetic field readings while visiting Quadranaou Mound and found slightly abnormal readings near the south side of the mound near what appeared to be a ramp. Could the reading have been a Native American or perhaps a wandering soldier. We will never know for certain.

Location Information: Public Park

Quadranaou Mound is located near the intersection of Warren Street and 4th Street in Marietta; Washington County.