The Ada Icon – 10/30/2014

Is Hardin County haunted? If so, this is the week for it

Thursday, October 30, 2014
By Torie Wright
Icon intern

An elderly woman is said to have died in the room that became my son’s nursery. I never really experienced anything bone-chillingly creepy until after I gave birth to James.

One night, however, when James was only a few months old, noise through the baby monitor roused me from sleep, which was nothing out of the ordinary. As I was crawling out of bed, though, I realized something wasn’t quite right. It wasn’t my son’s crying that woke me up; someone was singing a lullaby.

I immediately froze up and didn’t know what to do. My skin was prickling and my heart was about to leap up my throat. Some mothers might have made the choice to barge on in and move their baby from its crib, but I couldn’t seem to make my feet touch the floor.

Had James been screaming in terror, I certainly wouldn’t have wasted an instant in getting him out of there; however, he wasn’t making a peep. The woman was singing softly, her voice an offering of comfort and grandmotherly love.

Since James was in no immediate danger, I rolled back into bed. I’ll admit that I hid under my blankets until her voice faded into silence. I never heard her again after that.

My family’s home isn’t the only place around here with spooky secrets.

Several buildings on ONU’s campus are rumored to have ghosts, and one of the Ada movie theater’s previous owners supposedly still hangs around. For more information, take a look at

In Kenton stands the Sullivan-Johnson Museum, which is said to be haunted as well. I found a video on YouTube of a paranormal investigation at the museum, which gave me goose bumps. (You can see it here:

For a list of haunted locations in Hardin County, visit

Have you ever had an experience with something paranormal? Let’s hear it!

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