Hardin County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Hardin County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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McKitrick Hospital – The old McKitrick Hospital in the 500 block of North Detroit Street was later converted into apartments. Residents could hear the squeaking of wheels at night and the sound of high heels on the hardwood floor of the hall. Shadows could be seen going by the door, only to find no one there when investigated. The old dumbwaiter could be heard in use, even though it was boarded up and inaccessible. (Credits: Jeremy Miller)

Pioneer Village – According to legend, Mr. Burnison was plowing the fields one day when he soon noticed his wife’s favorite mantle clock was sitting in the field. The clock was his wife’s most prized possession and there was no reason it should be outside. Afraid that someone broke into their home, Mr. Burnison grabbed the clock and took it back to the house. When he went inside, he discovered his wife’s dead body. Many believe it was her spirit that moved the clock outside in order to get her husband’s attention. People today claim to see her spirit roaming around the property. (Credits: Jordan Hurst)

Sullivan Johnson Museum – Footsteps are often heard by visitors, volunteers and tour guides. The spirit of Mrs. Sullivan herself has been seen several times.

 Ohio Northern University 

Clark Hall – This residence hall is haunted by a ghost named Phoebe. She is said to walk the halls and watch people in their rooms. Supposedly there’s a memorial plaque in a chimney with her name on it.

Five-Up – Once a fraternity house, this all-girl dorm is said to be haunted by two ghosts. One ghost is of a pledge who was hit in the head by a keg and killed. The frat boys were tossing the kegs down the stairs as the pledges ran up. The ghost is said to walk up and down the stairs. Later when the college shut down the fraternity, a girl committed suicide in one of the rooms. She is often seen in the room where she died.

Heterick Memorial Library – The Heterick family is said to be entombed in the walls of the library. It is not known if they haunt the building.

Lehr-Kennedy House – Ghostly footsteps can be heard in this building late at night. Lights turn on and off in certain rooms and mysterious music can be heard at times. One of the ghosts is believed to be the building’s namesake, Henry Lehr.

Presser Hall – A ghost named Brad haunts this building. He supposedly died there on the way to a recital. Whenever songs are played in the key of D minor, he bangs on pipes. He is also said to occasionally make the chandelier swing to the tempo of the music.

Stambaugh Hall – The shadowy figure of a man is often seen in the restrooms of this co ed building. He walks toward the shower and disappears when he is approached.


Crybaby Bridge – The bridge that spans the Scioto River just south of Pfeiffer is haunted by the cries of babies who were tossed into the river by their single mothers long ago. Locals say the women, usually Amish or English, would quietly give birth to their children underneath the bridge and cast them into the river. Numerous people have heard the cries over the years. (Credits: Brenda Gaukin)


Witch’s Pyramid – Located in Ridgeway Cemetery off State Route 273 is a pyramid-shaped tombstone where the body of a witch was supposedly buried after she died in the 1800s. There is an eerie poem carved on the tombstone. The witch is said to haunt the grounds of the cemetery. In the late 1990s, some people attempted to dig up the witch’s body, but they found nothing after digging about six feet down. They were later arrested and sentenced. The OES visited Ridgeway Cemetery in 2014 and was unable to find a pyramid-shaped tombstone matching this description.


Hemphill Road House – This property was once owned by Robert Hemp. It is said that he is buried beneath the front porch. Every person who has lived in the house has reported strange noises and have seen the figure of a man wearing a top hat. One family said they always kept the heat on eighty, but one room in the basement would remain freezing cold. Other paranormal activities reported by another family include clothes stored in a closet under the stairs would be found scattered about the floor and the TV dial would turn on its own but the channel would not change. Yet another family kept a bible opened to a certain verse in the living room. Supposedly each time they left and returned home, they would find the bible opened to a different verse, the verse which was read at Hemp’s funeral. There may also be a second gravesite under the home’s porch with an unknown occupant. The wall of the basement was torn out as if someone was trying to rob the grave. (Credits: Trenton)