Q92 Ghost Crew – October 2005

Throughout the entire month of October in 2005, the Ohio Exploration Society was part of Alliance’s Q92 Ghost Crew. Each Monday, paranormal investigators from the OES along with Cleveland’s Psychic Sonya traveled to various haunted locations in Northeastern Ohio and performed investigations. Throughout the night, DeLuca (the station’s nighttime radio personality) would check in on the progress of the investigation, takes calls from listeners and discuss ghostly stories. A total of four locations were investigated. Links to the results are listed below.

FactoryOfTerrorThumb Factory Of Terror EVPLogo
Three investigations of the original Factory Of Terror site, the Hercules Engine Factory; Canton, Ohio.
Q92RadioStationThumb Q92 Radio Station EVPLogo
An investigation at the Q92 radio station studio; Alliance, Ohio.
HauntedLaboratoryThumb Haunted Laboratory
An investigation at the Haunted Laboratory haunted attraction; Akron, Ohio.
WarehouseCanalThumb Warehouse On The Canal EVPLogo Video
An investigation at the Warehouse On The Canal; Canal Fulton, Ohio. 

Below are photos that appeared on Q92’s website.





Thanks to DeLuca and promotions director Charlotte for having us! We had a terrific time and look forward to working with you in the future.