Q92 Radio Station Investigation

Investigation #05ORQ70102

The Ohio Exploration Society conducted this investigation at the Q92 Radio Station in Alliance, Ohio, on October 3, 2005. The investigation lasted for approximately two hours; start time 9:00 PM, end time 11:00 PM.

General Information

This paranormal investigation was conducted as a partnership between the OES, Q92 Radio, and Cleveland’s Psychic Sonya. There had been numerous paranormal occurrences witnessed in the past by various employees and visitors to the radio station. Cold spots have been felt in the rear conference room, doors that do not lock have mysteriously locked themselves, and music can be heard coming from a radio in the garage although no one knows who turns the radio on. DJs in the FM on-air studio have reported seeing a ghostly figure in the lobby looking at the photos of former company presidents. Some have even reported being grabbed by unseen hands and hearing mysterious whispering.

Thanks to DeLuca and Charlotte of Q92 for giving us the opportunity to investigate with them.

Investigators Attending

  • Jason Robinson – Ohio Exploration Society Founder
  • Jay Maynard – OES Co-Founder
  • Jason Colwell – Director of Paranormal Investigations
  • Matt Stilwell – Vice President
  • Abraham Bartlett – Investigator
  • Partnered with Cleveland’s Psychic Sonya

Equipment Used

  • 1 Sony MiniDV Camcorder
  • 2 Sony Hi8mm Camcorders
  • 1 Sony NightVision Extender
  • 4 Digital Cameras
  • 1 35mm Film Camera
  • 2 Digital Audio Recorders
  • 2 Microcassette Recorders
  • 2 External Microphones
  • 1 TriField Natural EM Meter
  • 2 Thermocouple Thermometers
  • 1 Room Thermometer
  • 1 Laptop Computer
  • 2 FRS Radios

Paranormal / Unusual Activity

We were unable to use the electromagnetic field meter during this investigation due to heavy interference from the station’s equipment. One of the four digital cameras being used for the investigation malfunctioned without explanation, as did a camcorder. A couple of our investigators heard an odd knocking sound in the rear conference room but could not find a source. A nylon plastic strip hanging from the ceiling moved back and forth, although the movement was likely attributed to the room’s airflow. Nothing was documented on our equipment in the conference room. A computer screen in the main lobby flickered during an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) session, but no EVP was captured. The only EVP recorded occurred in the garage early in the night. Robinson was asking a series of questions when a voice came through the static sounding like someone saying, “I don’t wanna talk.” Nothing unusual appeared in photos or video.

Evidence – EVP Recording

I Don’t Wanna Talk: Recorded in the garage while questions were being asked. The voice is a quiet whisper, so listen closely.


Site Information

Q92.5 FM – WZKL
393 Smythe Avenue NE
Alliance, Ohio 44601
(330) 450-9250