Q92 DeLuca Morning Show – 10/20/2010

On October 20, 2010, Ohio Exploration Society founder Jason Robinson discussed hauntings and played EVP recordings during the 8:00 AM through 10:00 AM segment of the DeLuca Morning Show on Q92 in Alliance, Ohio. During the broadcast, DeLuca, Charlotte, Virgil and Jason took phone calls from listeners who shared their paranormal experiences in and around Stark County. The OES was part of the Q92 Ghost Crew and conducted several investigations with the station and Psychic Sonya in 2005; click here for more. The entire OES segment from the show aired in October 2010 is below.

Q92 DeLuca Morning Show

OES Segment: Aired on October 10, 2010, OES Founder Jason Robinson discussed hauntings and played EVPs while listeners called in with their paranormal experiences on the DeLuca Morning Show.

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