Mound Cemetery

The OES visited Mound Cemetery on June 16, 2001. Established in 1801 at the site of Conus Mound in Marietta, Mound Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries of the Northwest Territory. Many of the people who are buried here are the founders and settlers of not only Marietta, but the entire Ohio Country. There are veterans of almost every American war interred in these hallowed grounds. The site is home to the largest number of Revolutionary War officers buried in a single location. Most of the tombstones were in very good condition and the cemetery was well taken care of. Several notable people of Ohio’s early history are buried in the cemetery. Rufus Putnam first landed at the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers and was instrumental in settling the Ohio Country, founding Marietta. Ebenezer Sproat was an original surveyor of Marietta and led the way for settlers. Sproat also served fourteen years as Ohio’s first sheriff. Return Jonathan Meigs Jr was one of Marietta’s first 48 settlers, Ohio’s first postmaster, fourth governor, US Senator and postmaster general. Abraham Whipple was a naval commander during the Revolutionary War. Whipple was responsible for sinking the first British ship of the Revolution and was later taken prisoner at the siege of Charleston, where he was held for the remainder of the war. As with many historical cemeteries, Mound Cemetery is rumored to be haunted. A mysterious blue ball of light has been seen near the mound and a ghostly soldier has been occasionally spotted. Read about first-hand paranormal encounters at the cemetery by clicking here.

Location Information: Active Cemetery

Mound Cemetery is located off 5th Street at Scammel Street in Marietta; Washington County.