Mound Cemetery – Contribution

07/19/2004: Thank you to Courtney for sending us her story. Her paranormal experience took place in Marietta’s Mound Cemetery in Washington County. Courtney and her friends witnessed the spirit of a soldier enter the cemetery and leave while they were playing flashlight tag. Click Here to see our page about Mound Cemetery.

Mound Cemetery is definitely haunted! One night, my friend her brother, and I were playing flashlight tag in the cemetery. Everything was going fine until we started feeling a strange presence around. We all looked at each other at the same time and then all of the sudden, Kayla (my friend) gasps. She turned and faced her brother and me and she was wide-eyed. I asked her what was wrong. She said, “I think we have company.” And I said, “What do you mean?” And then she started pointing behind her towards the gate.

Standing there was a person dressed in old soldier clothes. At least that’s what it looked like. It was so scary because he started walking towards us, but then all of the sudden, he turned towards the left of us. To the left of us was a big marble gravestone. He walked over to it slowly. When he got there, he kind of turned his head to his side, like he was looking at us out of the corner of his eyes. He didn’t look really mean. He didn’t really have an expression. It was like his face didn’t show how he felt, his eyes did. I’ll never forget them. They were extremely dark, and glossy. The way he was looking at the gravestone freaked us out. We didn’t move a muscle. He finally started walking slowly towards the gate again. That was the scariest part because he stood at the opening for a while, and just stared at us with those extremely dark eyes, only this time he looked upset. We didn’t know why, but we all looked at each other. It was like it was supposed to happen because when we looked back, he wasn’t there. We think that he made us look at each other because he didn’t want us to see him leave. Maybe that’s what happened with the person that belonged to the gravestone. Maybe that person left the soldier a long time ago. A girlfriend? A soul mate? Or maybe just a buddy…we’ll never know.