Wright Road House

The OES visited the Wright Road House on September 29, 2010. Built around 1920, this 2,132-square-foot farmhouse was in horrible condition at the time of our visit. Most of the walls had been busted, holes were in the floors, and the entire building looked unsound. There were several outbuildings surrounding the home that were in some state of disrepair. All of this damage was likely caused by copper and scrap metal thieves, who frequently destroy abandoned structures throughout the nation to make spare change. It’s too bad they can’t find something more productive to do with their time. Records indicated that the home was remodeled in the 1970s, which you could definitely tell from what was left of the house. The 7.4-acre property where the home stood was purchased by a developer in 2003, and there were plans to develop it as a mixed commercial and residential neighborhood. Nothing happened with the property for more than a decade, so we weren’t sure what its future held. One thing was almost certain: the Wright Road House’s days were numbered. All of the buildings were boarded up in 2013, and indeed, they were all demolished in early 2016. If the developer decides to sell the now-vacant land, perhaps the Columbus Metro Parks could purchase the property since it owns most of the surrounding acreage as part of the Pickerington Ponds Metro Park. If you have any information about the history of the home, please contact us at with details.

Location Information: Demolished

The Wright Road House is located near the Pickerington Ponds Metro Park; Franklin County.