Whetstone Township School #7

The OES visited Whetstone Township School #7 on November 21, 2012. Located on Parcher Road just south of State Route 19, the schoolhouse is somewhat hidden from the road by large evergreens that surround the north and east sides of the building. The school seemed to be structurally sound during our visit, with the only major damage being a hole at the roofline on the rear wall. The school’s original doorway had been removed at some point and turned into a garage-like opening, likely to store farm equipment inside. The usual abandoned building junk littered the school’s floor, including piles of old lumber, tires, plaster from the ceiling, and other debris. The blackboards were filled with graffiti (several entries from 1993) that people have left over the years since the school closed.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to find much on the history of this old schoolhouse. We have searched several historical books and newspapers for any information about Whetstone Township’s schoolhouse #7 but have come up empty-handed. We know the building was constructed in 1882 thanks to the dedication plaque above the entryway, but we have not been able to track down any other information. If you know some of the history of this schoolhouse, please email .

Location Information: Abandoned

Whetstone Township School #7 is on Parcher Road southeast of Bucyrus; Crawford County.