Town Street Medical Building

The OES visited the Town Street Medical Building in July 2003. Located on East Town Street in downtown Columbus, this large medical professional building had been abandoned since about 2002, when 4MX Partners bought the building from US HealthStar Corp. The building served for many years as the offices for about twenty doctors. The structure was considered very outdated and was in need of serious repairs. Instead of renovating the building, the owners closed it, leaving behind furniture, electronic equipment, and medical supplies. Much of the building seemed to be structurally sound, but there was obviously some water damage from leaking pipes. Ceiling tiles hung down, and the carpet was extremely damp in the areas of the leaks.

We were quite surprised to find shelves full of prescription drugs, bandages, and full IV bags left behind. There were also tubes of urine and blood samples left in the lab area, and used needles littered the floors. Computer hardware and software, patient files, and other medical records were left in the building as well. The building was extremely dangerous due to the biohazardous materials left behind and was monitored closely by armed guards, a security system and routine police patrols. We spoke to some of the guards who worked in the building, and they believed the place was haunted. They described a general eerie feeling in the basement and could hear mysterious noises when all was quiet. Apparently, a few people had died in the building over the years. Despite the reports, we did not experience anything paranormal during our exploration. The building was demolished sometime between 2009 and 2011.

Location Information: Demolished

The Town Street Medical Building was located at the intersection of East Town Street and South Washington Avenue; Franklin County.