Swisher Brick House

The OES visited the Swisher Brick House on April 10, 2004. Located just outside of Groveport, this home built in the early 1800s was in horrible condition on our visit. In fact, it was in such horrible condition that we did not come within ten feet of its walls for fear of collapse. Some of the exterior walls had already fallen on one side of the home, along with the roof and the floors of some of the rooms. The house looked very much like an ancient ruin, standing in the growth of trees that surrounded it. According to Mr. Graham, the owner of the property, the home had been vacant for years, but it was a beautiful home in its day. A feature we noticed was an outdoor fireplace, likely used for cooking during the warm summer months. Some furniture was left in the home, and a great deal of debris was scattered around the area. One thing in particular that we found was an old Bayer Aspirin bottle that dated somewhere between 1930 and 1950. There were a couple of old, rusted-out tractors just behind the home, along with some outbuildings that appeared to no longer be used. When we visited, we stated that we would not be surprised if the house would be gone soon, either by demolition or collapse. And indeed, sometime between 2012 and 2014, the house was razed, along with the newer home built in 1969 on the property, to make way for industrial development.

Location Information: Demolished

The Swisher Brick House was located at 5319 Swisher Road near Groveport; Franklin County.