Sunset Crematory

The OES visited Sunset Crematory on March 17, 2002. The crematory was located in the back of Sunset Cemetery near Galloway, just past Alton. We decided to stop at the cemetery one day while passing through the area. Most of the graves in the cemetery were fairly new since the cemetery had been established in 1922. Not expecting to find anything interesting, we casually drove among the tombstones until we reached the back of the cemetery. That was when we noticed the large crematory. We speculate the crematory was built sometime near the cemetery’s founding. The structure was built of limestone and had nice stained-glass windows. As far as we could tell, the crematory was still being used, as it was locked up pretty tight. We were able to access the basement area, but it was only home to trash and wasps. We searched for stairs that could take us to the main part of the building, but to no avail. If you have any information or photos from within the Sunset Crematory, please email .

Location Information: Active Cemetery

Sunset Crematory is located in Sunset Cemetery off of US Route 40 near Alton; Franklin County.