Scioto Trail Pool

The OES visited Scioto Trail Pool on February 9, 2002. Located along South High Street in Columbus, this pool had been in operation since 1960 before it permanently closed in the late 1990s. Many people were sad to see the pool close, being one of the only public membership pools on the far south end of the city. When we visited, it was clear that the pool had not been used for a long time. Weeds and grass were growing through the cracks in the pool floor, the diving boards were gone, and the bottom of the pool was dirty. We tried to enter the pool house or get into the grounds, but it was locked up tight. There was a boat under the roof of one of the shelter houses, so we believed the owner was using the property for storage. Not too far behind the grounds of the pool were a couple of houses that appeared to be occupied. A month after we visited Scioto Trail Pool, Southland Self Storage purchased the property and demolished the pool, along with a used car lot next door. A sprawling self-storage facility was built over the pool’s former grounds. The only thing left of Scioto Trail Pool are the memories of those who spent their summers there, keeping cool for nearly 30 years.

Location Information: Demolished

Scioto Trail Pool was located west of the intersection of South High Street and Colton Road; Franklin County.