Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church

The OES visited Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church on April 19, 2008. Also known as the Bellville Lutheran Church, the congregation was organized around 1838 by a man named Reverend Ritz. However, the brick structure standing today was built in 1860. When erected, it was described as a brick church building of modern architecture. Other than these facts, we could not find much else in the way of historical information about the church. During our visit, ti looked like the church had been abandoned for quite some time. No pulpit, altar, pew or anything else that would have distinguished the interior as a church remained. A thick layer of dust and dirt covered the floor, along with trash and what appeared to be a busted bookcase. Some of the ceiling’s original paint remained. It looked like the ceiling may have been covered at some point, perhaps by decorated tin or copper, since thin wooden boards striped the ceiling. The exterior of the building seemed sound with the exception of the base of the chimney and a large crack at the rear of the building. Salem Cemetery is located adjacent to the church. If you have any additional information about Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, please email .

Location Information: Abandoned

Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church is located on a gravel road off Bellville-Johnsville Road near Bellville; Richland County.