Route 23 Delaware House

The OES visited the Route 23 Delaware House on June 29, 2003. Obviously by the title, the home was located off US Route 23 in Delaware County. From the appearance of the house, it may have been built in the mid-to-late 1800s. Its last use seemed to be as a business of some sort as there were papers and files scattered throughout the entire house and office furniture in the rooms. We looked through some of the documents and determined the business probably moved out sometime in the mid-1990s. The house and its surrounding acreage was set to be rezoned at the time of our visit. We thought this would mean one thing for the old house, demolition. And indeed it did…when driving through the area in 2006, the house was no longer there. The land is still undeveloped as of spring 2016.

Location Information: Demolished

The Route 23 Delaware House was located on the east side of US Route 23, one quarter mile south of Cheshire Road; Delaware County.