North Robinson School

The OES visited North Robinson Consolidated School on January 28, 2013. Most recently known as the Colonel Crawford Intermediate School, the school building was constructed in 1921. There were originally several school districts surrounding the small village of North Robinson. Leesville and Jefferson Township schools merged to form the North Robinson Consolidated School. Years later, North Robinson consolidated into Colonel Crawford Local Schools. The North Robinson Consolidated School became the intermediate school when a new high school was constructed just south of the building. A two-story wing was added to the intermediate school around the same time the high school was built. The building continued to serve as Colonel Crawford Intermediate School through the mid-2000s, when a new combined elementary/intermediate school was built south of the high school. The old North Robinson Consolidated School building closed in 2006.

The school seemed to be in decent shape when we visited the building. There was some water leaking in the second-floor gymnasium and auditorium room and a few busted windows, but the rest of the building seemed sound. The first floor of the school was being used for storage, including old school furniture, trophies, and several other items. Perhaps the most unusual thing being stored within the building was an old log cabin that had been dismantled. There were large hand-hewn beams and logs scattered about the building. We were told that the cabin will be reconstructed nearby to be used as an educational tool about pioneer life. Several people mentioned that the school was haunted and asked that we check the area around the stage. Other than this, no other specifics were given. We did record audio the entire time we were inside the building, but nothing unusual was found during playback.

Sadly, the building’s days were numbered when we visited, as it was slated for demolition. We received word in December 2014 that the North Robinson Consolidated School had been demolished. Thank you to Superintendent Todd Martin for giving us permission to photograph the building.

Location Information: Demolished

North Robinson Consolidated School was located on State Route 602 in North Robinson; Crawford County.

Photographs: Exterior & First Floor


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