Lockbourne Brick House

The OES visited the Lockbourne Brick House on September 8, 2001. We were greeted by three little kittens as we arrived, and they continued to follow us everywhere we went while we explored the property. There was a carriage house and another small building of some sort, possibly a storage shed, behind the main house. There was a very strong musty smell emanating from inside the house as we approached the side porch to enter the home. The house’s interior was not too difficult to navigate, but there were some holes on the second floor that could have easily been missed. We found plenty of things left behind by the last person who lived there, including old bottles, furniture, appliances, newspapers, and other items. Some of the newspaper clippings we found date back to October 1925. Records indicate the home was built around 1900, but other sources indicate the home could date to the 1830s. Based on some paperwork we found in the basement, the house may have been abandoned in the late 1980s or early 1990s. Dated wallpaper covered the walls in some rooms, and most rooms were not carpeted. We searched briefly for access to the attic but were unable to find an entry point. The house was an interesting place to explore and served as a sort of training location for our new members at the time.

A new owner acquired the home in March 2002 and has completed several renovations. It is always good to see neglected historic buildings restored.

Location Information: Renovated

The Lockbourne Brick House is located north of the Village of Lockbourne; Franklin County.



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