Hamilton Township Police

The OES visited the Hamilton Township Police Department on October 15, 2000. Upon our arrival at the rear of the building, we speculated that the building was an old schoolhouse. After we parked and walked around to the other side of the building, we had second thoughts. There were two doors on that side of the building. Once we saw this, we knew the building wasn’t a schoolhouse but maybe an old post office or general store. We spoke to a helpful woman from the Hamilton Township Board of Trustees, who informed us the building once served as the Hamilton Township Police Department. The township now contracts with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement, so the building is being used for storage. It was constructed in 1920 and may have been abandoned as a police department in the early 1960s. The former police station could be in danger of demolition due to an explosion in industrial and residential development in the surrounding area.

Location Information: In Use as Storage

This building is at the intersection of State Route 317 and Lockbourne Road; Franklin County.