Groveport Road House

The OES visited the Groveport Road House on May 28, 2003. Built in 1922, this house sat along Groveport Road between Obetz and Groveport. As we entered the home, we noticed the previous occupants had left a lot of little things behind, like records, jars of food, and schoolbooks. We thought it was funny that unopened packets of Nicorette were lying in a bedroom right next to an empty pack of Winston’s. It’s always interesting to see these things, knowing that this empty house was once full of life. Some life remained in the home, unknown to us at the time. When reviewing photos that we took in the house, we discovered a huge raccoon lurking in the attic as we explored just underneath it. You can see him in one of the photos below. As usual with abandoned houses, this home’s basement was a total mess, complete with feces on the floor. The property was bought in 2002 by Schmidt Development Company and was demolished in 2005 to make way for a new neighborhood.

Location Information: Demolished

The Groveport Road House was located at 5336 Groveport Road between Obetz and Groveport; Franklin County.