Groveport Log House

The OES visited the Groveport Log House on November 5, 2000. This old log home was originally built along Main Street in 1815. A new post office was going to be built at the log home’s location in 1974, so the cabin was moved to a location next to Groveport Cemetery along the old Ohio-Erie Canal route. The log house was placed on the National Register of Historic Places and has an Ohio historical marker. Heritage Park was built around the home, and the log house is occasionally open to the public during special events. Looking through the windows of the house, we saw some older, period furniture along with newer-looking tables and chairs set up in another room. A third room was totally empty. We could not get any interior photos of the log home since it was locked up tight during our visit.

Location Information: Public Park

The Groveport Log House is on Wert Road, just off of Rohr Road, in Groveport; Franklin County.