Green Lawn Abbey

The OES visited Green Lawn Abbey on July 13, 2003. Originally called Woodlawn Museum, the Green Lawn Abbey is located on Greenlawn Avenue in Columbus. This beautiful mausoleum has often been associated with the huge Green Lawn Cemetery located just down the road, but they are not affiliated with each other whatsoever and even have different owners. In fact, the Green Lawn Abbey was named after the cemetery to take advantage of the cemetery’s good name. Built in 1927, the Abbey is an awesome structure built from Ohio limestone and Italian marble. It was the largest and finest mausoleum in Columbus, with enough space for 654 interments. There are several notable eternal residents of the Abbey, including the world-famous Howard Thurston the Magician, five-time Columbus Mayor George Karb, and members of the Lewis Sells family, who owned the second largest traveling circus in the early 1900s.

Of course, a building of this magnitude is said to be haunted. The ghost of Thurston the Magician is said to roam the hall of the Abbey, as is a woman who is said to haunt the second floor. Even if these stories are folklore, the Green Lawn Abbey is a very creepy place inside. Maybe it is knowing that just inches behind the plaque on the wall lie the remains of someone who has been long gone. Since the Abbey is such a difficult place to get into, not many photos of its interior existed prior to our visit. We managed to take two 360° panorama photos and record several EVPs when the place was open. We also shot video inside the Abbey, which may be uploaded to this page someday. We heard one of the metal gates open on the other end of the building from us when we were visiting the building. We were expecting to find a homeless person in the building, but upon inspection, no one was there. Restoration work on the heavily vandalized Abbey began in 2006. Please visit the Abbey’s Official Website to make a donation to help with the restoration costs.

NOTICE: Green Lawn Abbey is regularly patrolled by police and has an alarm system with video monitoring and security patrols. Anyone conducting illegal activity will be arrested and prosecuted. Please contact the Franklin Township Police Department at 614-462-3333 if you witness any illegal activity taking place at this magnificent building.

Location Information: Restoration In Progress

Green Lawn Abbey is located at 700 Greenlawn Avenue in Columbus; Franklin County. Please read the notice above.



360° Panoramas

Temporarily Unavailable

EVP Recordings

No: After an OES member says, “This place is sweet,” an unknown voice whispers, “No.”
Gate Opening: The sound of a gate opening down the hallway. No one was near that section of the building.
Ask Me: During an investigation at the Abbey, this ghostly voice says, “Ask me.” Credit to COPS
Save Our Souls: While having a discussion, this voice was recorded saying, “Save our souls.” Credit to COPS
Save Our Souls (Edit): This is the same recording as above, but edited for better clarity. Credit to COPS
We Heard It: After an OES member states, “We all heard it,” the unknown voice quickly says, “We heard it.”
Behind You: While walking down a hallway, the recorder picked up this voice saying, “Behind you.”
Nana: This voice sounds like a little girl saying either Nana, Hannah, or Anna. We believe it says “Nana.”
Walk If You Enter: A female voice saying, “Walk if you enter,” was captured on one of our recorders. The audio was edited to remove loud background noise.