Greendale Brick Plant

The OES visited the Greendale Brick Plant on April 27, 2002. Located in the woods, just a few miles up the road from Haydenville, lies an old town called Greendale. Not too much is left of the town; only a few homes and the schoolhouse remain. Greendale was founded by Niles Kachelmacher during the brick manufacturing heyday of southeastern Ohio, having a post office from 1879 until 1939. In 1902, Hocking Valley Products opened in Greendale, one of three brick furnaces in the region. Many of Greendale’s buildings were constructed using the company’s products and often served as a catalog for visiting buyers. Brick manufactured in Greendale was used, in part, to build the Holland Tunnel in New York City. When the brick-making business came to an end in 1927, it marked Greendale’s doom. What you see in the photos below is all that is left of the once-thriving brick plant in Greendale. Thanks go to Shannon and Rodney for showing us this location.

Location Information: Abandoned

The remains of the Greendale Brick Plant are on Maysville-Greendale Road in Greendale; Hocking County.