Grandview Theatre

The OES visited Grandview Theatre on April 3, 2009. The theatre was undergoing a major renovation during our visit. While the renovation process was being completed, stenciling on the wall original to the theatre was uncovered, and are included in the photos below. The theatre opened in 1926 and is the oldest, purpose-built movie theatre still in use in Columbus, possibly the oldest in Franklin County, operating from 1926 to 1961. From the early sixties until the early eighties, the outer lobby was used as an antique store called “Church on the Lane Antiques.” Sometime around 1984, the original marquee was removed from the building. This followed the collapse of a cornice in downtown Columbus that seriously injured several people, including City Councilman Ben Espy. After that incident, a number of buildings had cornices removed, and several local theatres had marquees removed.

The theatre opened again and operated for several years before the Drexel Theatres Group took over in 1991. The theatre was renamed “Drexel Grandview” and remained in operation for the next 17 years. In September 2008, the group closed the Drexel Grandview. Shortly after, Columbus Independent Media took a long-term lease on the theatre and re-opened it as Grandview Theatre in 2009. The theatre changed hands again in 2016 and is now the Grandview Theater & Drafthouse. If you have any further information or historical photos of the Grandview Theatre, please email . Click Here to visit Grandview Theatre’s official website.

Thanks to David Nedrow for inviting us to explore the Grandview Theatre during its renovation.

Location Information: Active Business

Grandview Theatre is located at 1247 Grandview Avenue in Grandview Heights; Franklin County.