Franklinton Post Office

The OES visited the Franklinton Post Office on August 25, 2002. Built in early 1807, the Franklinton Post Office is the oldest known building standing on its original foundation in Franklin County. This two-story log home on South Gift Street was built by a man named David Dearduff. Dearduff ran the first post office in Franklin County from the west room of the house. The post office operated there until October 20, 1834, when the Columbus post office took over operations. An addition to the rear of the home was constructed around 1860. Various families continued to live in the old home into the 1950s. The current owner purchased the home, also known as the Dearduff House, in 1979 in order to save it from being demolished. The building was registered with the National Register of Historic Places in 1974 and the Columbus Register of Historic Properties in 2001.

The former post office was in very poor condition when we visited the structure. The building is listed as a Franklin County Historical Society site, so hopefully it will be saved from demolition and restored one day. An archaeological dig was conducted at the old post office in December 2010. Among the items unearthed were a small brass plate, a clay marble, and pieces of pottery. There were talks of the owner of the property paying for a full renovation of the old post office in time for Columbus’ bicentennial in 2012, but we do not believe the renovation ever came to fruition.

Location Information

The Franklinton Post Office is located at 72 South Gift Street in Columbus; Franklin County.