Fairfield County Poorhouse – Page 2

Photographs: Third Floor, Fourth Floor & Cupola


EVP Recordings

Welcome: A whispery voice says, “Welcome,” on the first floor near the cold storage area.
??? Said Hi: This feminine voice just after the camera shutter says, “(Inaudible) said hi.”
Oh My God: This whispery voice sounds like it says, “Oh my God.”
Footsteps With Strange Noise: Heavy footsteps can be heard, followed by a strange sound, possibly a woman’s voice.
Computerized Voice: A strange computerized voice recites seemingly random letters when the recorder was left alone for some time. We did not use any equipment capable of producing this kind of vocalization during this investigation. We are stumped as to the origin of the voice.



Playlist Information

Exploration: Thirty-three minutes of GoPro video from our exploration of the old infirmary building. NOTE: The audio quality is subpar at best due to the type of case that was used for the camera.

Investigation: An hour-long video of our mini-paranormal investigation at the County Poorhouse.


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