Doctors Hospital of Stark County

The OES visited Doctors Hospital of Stark County on March 13, 2010. The facility was also known as Affinity Medical Center: Doctors Campus or simply Doctors Hospital to those in the Canton/Massillon area. The hospital was formed in 1963 by five physicians and a businessman. The original building was shaped like an airplane with a main corridor and two wings that included 48 beds. The hospital was expanded several times over the years to keep up with demand and the building eventually encompassed 300,000 square feet.

Doctors Hospital offered a full range of medical and surgical services including an emergency department, an outpatient clinic, intensive care units, cardiovascular services, a maternity ward, a pain treatment center and more. The hospital also served as a teaching hospital for Ohio University. In 2006, Doctors Hospital merged with Massillon Community Hospital to become Affinity Medical Center. The merge would prove to be a fatal blow to Doctors Hospital. In September 2008, all services were relocated to the Massillon facility and Doctors Hospital was permanently closed. The building was put on the market for some time, but no deals could be reached. The Stark County morgue moved out of the building in 2009 and in December of that year, it was decided that Doctors Hospital would be demolished. Luckily a property company bought the facility in 2010, sparing it from the wrecking ball. There has been interest in converting the facility into an assisted living center, a halfway house or even apartments, but none of those deals have gone through thus far. Doctors Hospital was sold in 2019 and demolished to make way for new development.

During our visit, most of the hospital seemed to be in decent shape. The roof in the original section leaked causing some water damage and several pipes had broken due to the cold winter. Most of the medical equipment and supplies had either been transferred to the Massillon, sold or destroyed, but some equipment remained. Several boxes of biohazardous materials collected throughout the building sat in the lobby awaiting proper disposal. An entire wing of the hospital was being renovated up until the day the building closed and sat incomplete. It was in this wing where the reportedly haunted room was located.

Yes, as with many hospitals, Doctors Hospital was said to be haunted. Water faucets would turn on and off in plain view and the ghosts seemed to play pranks on the staff. Nurses heard their names being called when no one else was around and an apparition of humanoid mist had occasionally been spotted. A nurse’s aid who died from a heart attack while working could be heard humming from beyond the grave. One room was particularly haunted by an elderly woman who cursed the room. Coldness often filled the room and patients reported an elderly woman who tried to remove their covers and kick them out of the room. A hospital administrator who tried to stay in the room one night only made it to 2:00 AM. The room was then sealed off and no patients were ever assigned there again. Based upon what employees have told us, we believe this room was in the wing that was undergoing renovation. The room had obviously been split in two and could have possibly become a storage area. The doorway to the patient bathroom had been sealed off from the room and relocated to the hallway to become a standalone restroom. We attempted to record for EVP in the room but didn’t find anything unusual. However, we did record EVP elsewhere in the building, including in the lab area.

Thank you to an anonymous friend of the OES for taking us on the tour of Doctors Hospital.

Location Information: Demolished

Doctors Hospital was located at 400 Austin Avenue NW in Perry Heights; Stark County.

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