Dixon-Israel Middle School

The OES visited Dixon-Israel Middle School on July 1, 2001. Located outside Eaton, this building was constructed in the mid-to-late 1800s as Dixon Township High School, part of Dixon-Israel Schools. It merged with Eaton City Schools in the 1960s. Dixon-Israel Middle School was still in use as a school when we visited and was where our guide Corrine attended during her middle school years. Its days were numbered though. Through a new tax levy passed by voters, a new high school for Eaton was built and the students of Dixon-Israel were relocated to the old Eaton High School. Dixon-Israel Middle School was then closed permanently and ultimately demolished sometime between 2004 and 2005. A small memorial now stands on the former school grounds. The Dixon-israel school reminded us of the architecture of a former school in Hamilton Township near Columbus along Rohr that has since been converted into apartments. The two schools were likely built around the same time period. Thanks to Corrine for showing us around and to Robert Moysey and Dena Raby for the updated information.

Location Information: Demolished

Dixon-Israel Middle School was located at 7183 California School Road near Eaton; Preble County.