Dill Farmhouse

The OES visited the Dill Farmhouse on May 14, 2002. Located less than a mile east of the Rohr Road Brick House, the farmhouse was much more accessible. Built around 1900, the house had just recently become vacant when we visited. As with many properties surrounding Rickenbacker International Airport, industrial development is dominating. The New Golden Wedge Golf Course was one such victim of this modern industrial revolution. The golf course has been replaced by several warehouses. This small farmhouse located on Rohr Road next to the railroad tracks has become yet another victim. What was once a field of crops that led back to the Ohio-Erie Canal is now a large warehouse for a tire company.

As stated above, the farmhouse had only been abandoned for a short time when we visited, and signs of wear and tear could already be seen. Upon entering the front door, there was a large hole in the floor that led all the way down to the basement. Some of the wallpaper and carpet were torn, and there were various small holes in the walls throughout the house. Out back was what looked to be a garage with an overhead apartment that no longer had a roof. The siding on the back side of the house was torn off. The silos that once stood to the east of the house have been torn down. The barn was still intact and even had a tractor inside when we visited, but both were gone soon after our visit. We didn’t go into the basement since there was a rather large bee nest near the cellar doors. The farmhouse and outbuildings were razed sometime between 2004 and 2005 to make way for the industrial park being developed there.

Location Information: Demolished

The Dill Farmhouse was on Rohr Road near the railroad bridge in Hamilton Township; Franklin County.