Coshocton House

The OES visited the Coshocton House on December 17, 2006. Located in the woods along a dirt road somewhere outside of Coshocton, this house was likely built in the early 1900s. Much of the house had collapsed and was unsafe to enter, almost looking as if it were hit by a tornado. Bullet holes riddled parts of the exterior, most likely due to hunters who frequent the area. We’ve been told that the home was used as a shelter for hunters for years, so it has apparently stood abandoned for some time. The ground surrounding the home was littered with old bottles and pieces of metal machinery. We are not quite sure of the location of the house, as we were guided down winding dirt roads to visit the location. If you have more information on this house, please email .

Location Information: Abandoned

Located on a gravel road somewhere outside of Coshocton; Coshocton County.