Blood Bowl / Gates Of Hell

The OES visited the Blood Bowl and Gates of Hell on September 5, 2005. This underground landmark is a drainage tunnel that runs beneath High Street, carrying a stream from Glen Echo Park to the Olentangy River. The creek bed is dry most of the time, except after rain. The area is known as Blood Bowl in connection with the legend that a skateboarder died (or was murdered) on the concrete in front of the tunnel. More likely, it is due to the number of skateboarders who have taken nasty spills from the steep concrete walls. The Gates of Hell is actually a large steel cage built in front of the tunnel to ensure no large debris becomes lodged inside. The interior of the drain includes two bends, and when standing at the center, little to no light can be seen. Graffiti, including a creepy shadow figure, is plastered on almost every square inch of concrete inside the tunnel. Blood Bowl and the Gates of Hell will most likely continue to be an underground landmark for years to come.

Location Information: Active Drain

The Blood Bowl / Gates of Hell are located in a ravine behind the Tim Hortons at 2754 North High Street in Columbus; Franklin County.