Berliner Pumping Station

The OES visited the Berliner Pumping Station on August 26, 2007. Located on the back edge of Berliner Park, this abandoned pumping station was owned by the City of Columbus. There was a large sign posted just behind the gate naming the facility “City of Columbus Trucked Waste Disposal Site” with hours posted. After conducting some research, we found this facility was once Columbus’ main sewage pumping station. The site may have also been used by the landfill that occupied the site before Berliner Park was established. There were several buildings on the site, overgrown with vegetation and heavily vandalized on the interiors. A couple of buildings appeared to be older than others, but all were probably constructed in the early to mid-1900s. It appeared that some of the site may have still been used for storage, but it could’ve just been things left behind. If you have more information about this facility, please email . We received word in 2011 that the pumping station had been demolished.

Location Information: Demolished

Located in Berliner Park just off Greenlawn Avenue in Columbus; Franklin County.



EVP Recording

Hit the Control: Recorded along the haunted Berliner Park bike path, this voice says something along the lines of, “Hit the control, open the door, no.”