Concord Methodist Church

The OES visited the Concord United Methodist Church on October 15, 2000. We knew right away this church was still in active use due to an up-to-date sign in front of the building with the times of worship and upcoming events. It was a Sunday when we visited, so we hoped there might be some people there to provide us with some information and allow us inside to take photographs. Unfortunately, no one was there. But from the evidence we could gather, the church may date as far back as the mid-1800s. The building had a limestone foundation, which was a common 1800s building material, and the oldest burial we found in the adjacent cemetery dated to 1849. This gives a rough estimate of how old the church could be. After our first visit, we realized that we forgot to write down the church’s name. So, we made a second trip to the church to confirm it was called Concord United Methodist Church and took photos of the old cemetery there. As of 2010, the Concord United Methodist Church had closed as a place of worship and reopened as an animal hospital. If you have any information about the church, please feel free to email .

Location Information: Active Business

Concord United Methodist Church is located on the corner of State Route 665 and Hoover Road in Grove City; Franklin County.