Witch Board Haunting – Contribution

09/12/2003: Thanks to Sykes for submitting this story to us. He tells of mysterious happenings in his Washington County apartment after he and his girlfriend played with a witch (Ouija) board. Untrained people can encounter many bad things when playing with these boards, which is why we recommend to NEVER use one.

One day me and my girlfriend decided to play a witch board. We would play it every night thereafter. Then after a week of playing it, strange things started happening to me. One night my girl wanted me to babysit for her. I asked some friends to come over and party or watch TV. I was sitting by the window in the apartment when I heard a noise coming from the baby’s room. So I went into the bedroom to check on her, finding that she was asleep. So I sat back down in my chair and I asked my friends if they had heard the noise, they said no.

About ten minutes later, I heard the same noise again, but this time it was even louder than the first time. I decided to put a towel in the door of her room so that she would stay in her room and go to sleep. After that, I sat down again, but started to panic and have chills. Then I looked over at the door with the towel in it. It flew open and slammed shut very hard, so I got up to check on the baby; she was still asleep. The towel was still in the door where I put it.

After opening the door, there was a black cat in the room and the window was open…my girlfriend has no cat. The window was shut and the towel never hit the floor, it was in the door on the right side by the door knob. We found out later it was an evil spirit that we let out of the witch board. To everyone that plays them, know what you’re doing first before you get the crap scared out of you like I did.