Williams Hollow Road – Contribution

07/27/2012: Thanks to Sara for sharing her family’s experiences as residents of Williams Hollow Road in Gallia County. Her sister has seen shadows running in the woods and has heard the hums of a little girl outside her bedroom window at night. The family has also heard the sound of a car pulling up to their home and a car door shutting, only to find no one there when they look outside.

Williams Hollow Road is very much haunted. Me and my sisters used to walk the strip mines all the time. My sister has seen shadows running in the woods and a little girl, or what my sister assumed was a little girl, is heard humming outside her bedroom window every night for a week or more straight. Every morning she would ask me if I was humming or singing in my room. Well one night it woke her up and she came to my room because she thought I was tricking her. I was asleep and she could still hear the little girl humming. She heard that for nights and said it only seemed like the little girl was humming outside her window when she was depressed. She was never brave enough to look, I don’t blame her.

There are so many stories about Williams Hollow. I’ve lived there my whole life and I’ve seen and heard things I never want to see and hear again. Williams Hollow Road is very much haunted, which probably explains why I never went outside after dark or slept with my light off! Not only that, but at least once a week, right outside my parents house, you can hear a car pull up and a door shut, but there is never a car there. We were having a bon fire one night and my father told us that story. After we were all in the house for the night, we heard a car pull up and car door shut. I got up to see who it was and nobody was there. I didn’t see any headlights or brake lights, and mind you, all the strip mines that are being talked about are right across the street and up the hill from my parents house. There is a trail that leads straight to them from the road, so it could all be intertwined together somehow, you never know. Williams Hollow Road is a scary place at night. I would never be caught out there by myself.