Williams County House – Contribution

03/02/2003: Thanks to Jeremy for submitting this story from a house where his wife’s aunt lives in Williams County. He tells of the mysterious ghostly activity that took place in the house.

My wife has an aunt that lives in an old house in Williams County. She has seen a ghostly man while she was sitting at the top of her stairs. Her boyfriend, who really didn’t believe, was horrified when he also saw the same man peek around their bedroom closet when he was in bed. Her boyfriend’s daughter began to walk up the stairs when she witnessed the spirit of a little boy playing with a truck on the banister. A couple weeks later, pictures were found under the rug with the same boy in them. My wife also heard footsteps outside on the stairs, and at night, the door can be heard opening and closing. The house itself makes you feel like you are being watched when you’re upstairs.